We Got Goats!

We have some big news, folks!  One of the farms we have been waitlisted on for goats, gave us a call yesterday.  She had a few surprise births over the weekend and now has a set of male/female twins and a buckling that are available for adoption.  Well after the initial “Oh Shizz, this is really happening” reaction, we gathered ourselves and came up with a few questions to ask before saying yes.  Questions were answered and deposits were made.  We pick up our new kids, our first goats, next week.   AAAGGGHHHH, yes, this IS really happening.  Excitement and fear settle in.  My husband at one point said to me “Hun, smile.  Remember, this is a good thing”!  Oh right, I’d forgotten briefly.

Now it’s time to kick things into high gear.  We have been slowly piecing together our penning area, thinking we had plenty of time, and have moved the proposed spot three times.  This past weekend we built the feeding pen, a 10X10X6 dog run.  Boy howdy, let me tell you! Chain link is not fun to work with in 98 degree heat. However the problem solver in me really enjoyed getting the kinks out.  A couple hours and some stiffened claw hands later, it was built.

Wrong spot but at least it is built!
Wrong spot but at least its up!


Not only did we get our first goats yesterday, luckily, our shed was delivered as well.  We plan on using an Arrow 10X8 galvanized storage shed.  Down the line we will install sleeping shelves but for the moment, we will spread a thick layer of straw on the floor.  We also plan on using some pallets to partition off sections, you know, for “privacy”.

arrow_shedI had plans to finish unpacking the upstairs this week however, that is going to have to wait.  I will be spending the next week running around to farm and ranch stores collecting everything we need for these kids.  Oh yeah and,  Husband and I will be putting up many many yards of fencing this weekend.  Our farm life begins!

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